Fireworks in Gloucester!

Chase Lane Fireworks was first established in 2007, we started off with a very small range of product, around 30 different lines. The company has grown and expanded over the last 16 years, into what we believe is the very best firework company based in Gloucestershire. Located just off eastern avenue down chase lane, next to the big yellow storage, we now stock in excess of 160 different products all from extremely high quality manufactures some of those including Celtic, Ghengis, Brightstar and Cosmic.

Not stopping at retail fireworks, over the last few years we expanded the business to include professional firework displays as a service. We offer Professional displays for weddings, corporate events, bonfire nights and public events. These are of course just a few examples, head over to the professional displays page for more information.

All of the team from the guys in the shop, giving the best advice for your home displays, to the guys at HQ who deal with the Professional displays, have been highly trained in what they do to ensure we give you the very best service!


Weddings and Professional firework displays!

As a company we specialize in Wedding fireworks and professional firework displays , we have invested a lot of time over the last few years to ensure our displays are the very best around and the very best quality. Most of our professional product is sourced from the same manufacture who supplies the London New year fireworks!  We have built up a fantastic network of friends, from venues to event specialists who we work closely with, to ensure your display is absolutely perfect.

Look at our wedding fireworks section to explore the packages and services we offer.

Outlook for 2024

2024 is set to be our biggest year on record for retail fireworks, available at our open all year round shop. We are really looking forward to seeing all the regular faces this year and of course we encourage all new customers to come in for a chat, fireworks from a specialist are 100% better than a supermarket! Do not be put off by a specialist. Our prices range from £0.50 to £350.00 for a single firework. There is something for everyone!