How much does a Professional Fireworks Display by Chase lane fireworks cost?

When you’re budgeting for a firework display for your event the key consideration you must take in to account, is how much money you’re willing to part with and it’s always best to stick to it!

We can always adjust our packages or create a whole new package for your specific needs so don’t be disheartened if we don’t already have on the website what you want. When considering a budget, consider what it is you want. A quiet fireworks display perhaps, day time fireworks, or an all aerial display with a huge Golden Canopy ending?

Here is a rough price guide which we think works the best to give you a fantastic display, however these prices are not fixed, please be mindful that an £800 display lasting 3 minutes rather than 5 minutes will be more spectacular as more is being fired in a shorter period of time, this does not mean £800 over 5 minutes won’t be spectacular!


Duration (Minutes) Traditional Firework Display Wedding Firework Display Quiet Firework Display
3-5 £800.00 £700.00 £750.00
5-8 £1000.00 £1000.00 £1150.00
8-12 £3000.00 £2500.00 £3500.00
12-15 £4000.00 £4000.00 £4500.00
15-20 £6000.00 £6000.00 £7000.00
20-25 £10,000 £10,000 £10,000
25+ Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us


We do set packages for weddings because we know these work and amaze the audience the best, there also the most popular. Of course all packaged can be changed from timing, colours, finale ending ect.

All displays are covered by our public liability insurance policy and are inclusive of site visit with risk assessment, venue liaison, design, set up, clear up and electronically fired to ensure the perfect timings. Our smallest firework displays start at £695.00 and can last anywhere from 3 minutes to around 5.

Please see each event category we have for more information and check out our wedding packages for the perfect display at fantastic prices!

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