Memorial firework displays

Chase Lane Fireworks are pleased to offer a wide range of different options suitable for a memorial firework displays, we don’t have specific packages put together as we feel it’s something we should create exclusively to you.
Sending a loved one off with a beautiful firework display adds a huge sense of emotion to a memorial, it’s quite common for the fireworks to be done at the end of the wake, where all friends and family can gather together to share the special moment together, respectfully celebrate the life of a friend or loved one with our unique brand of funeral fireworks.
The respectful team at Chase Lane Fireworks also offer services for scattering the ashes of a partner, friend, relative or a loved one with our specially designed cremation fireworks.
Ultimately we are here to help you by commemorating lives and fulfilling last wishes with stunning memorial firework displays made with or without your loved one’s ashes.

What is so different about a cremation firework?
A cremation firework is a special firework usually in the form of a professional shell with a small amount of your loved one's ashes added to the shell, these are specially made by the team at Chase Lane Fireworks.
As well as the usual explosives that make up the firework shell, these carefully crafted special fireworks have a specially designed section that can securely hold the cremation ash of your loved one. It is because of its unique design that the cremation firework gets its name.
To sum up, they are designed from the ground up for the purpose of spreading the ashes of your loved one in a spectacular display, leaving you, you’re family and friends with lasting memories for years to come!

Why choose us for memorial firework displays?

The answer is simple, at Chase Lane Fireworks, we understand these special memorial firework displays must be done with careful planning due to the circumstance of the display. All the Chase Lane Staff are caring and compassionate, As a result, help will always be available when planning the details of your display with the greatest care in mind.
At Chase Lane Fireworks, we know how vital the respect of your loved one is! With this in mind, we carefully design every display. And we will work closely with yourself to plan every aspect with the utmost care and respect, to ensure the display is exactly how you want it. All our staff are discreet and professional! We stay well out of the way on the day to ensure we are not disturbing the day. As well as this our firing teams are highly qualified Pyrotechnician’s trained by the Illuminate Consult Persons with specialist Knowledge.

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