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Welcome to the Wedding Firework Displays section of our website. Here at Chase Lane we have built up a tremendous reputation across the West Country for providing bespoke shows to meet every wedding couples' wishes. Whether you want a specific colour theme (to match, say, the bridesmaids' dresses, or the table linens, or the wedding flowers, or just because it's your favourite colour!), or you want your show choreographed to a specific music track, or specifically a low noise or loud show, or any combination of the above, we can cater for every request.
Our crews have all received the very best PWSK training. Their dedication to providing outstanding displays is plain for all to see. They are more than happy to engage with you and your guests on the day and welcome feedback.
If the happy couple walk away at the end of the night happy that we have provided everything they asked for, then we are content that have completed a job well-done.

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Wedding fireworks

Our wedding Display Packages

Traditional Displays

Our show "types" fall into four categories, each with a starting price, as follows:
These shows involve firing 2" to 12" shells which burst at different altitudes with varying levels of LOUD bang. Not every venue allows them (see LOW-NOISE displays, below) and some venues only allow them at certain times of the year due to young livestock in farms nearby, or because of late firing times in the summer for example. At Chase Lane we go to great lengths to keep all parties as content as possible and have put together venue-specific guidelines which we are expected to adhere to. All due consideration is given to such things as neighbours, the time of year, farming livestock etc; this forms a large part of how we set our own standards with regard to relationships with other parties. We will also advise you when discussing your requirements to consider your own guests.


The Below prices reflect a display fired from a single position - these are great for small audiences or for a display on a budget. They look fantastic, but they dont have quite as much action or entertainment behind them.

4 Min package - £695
5 Min Package - £795
6 Min Package - £925
7 min package - £1095

The below prices reflect a display fired from 3 positions (usually around 30 meters wide across a site) - these are a standard pick for most wedding displays we provide, and are filled with incredible effects and create a busy looking display. 

4 Min package - £895
5 Min Package - £995
6 Min Package - £1195
7 min package - £1375

The below prices reflect a display fired from 5 positions (usually around 60 meters wide across a site) - this creates a massive wide front display and incorporates some of the very best effects on the UK market along with competition style single shot sequences and massive finale's! 

4 Min package - £1395
5 Min Package - £1495
6 Min Package - £1695
7 min package - £1875

Low Noise Displays

These types of show do exactly what it says on the tin. Our LOW-NOISE shows are extremely popular and attract very positive reviews. The priority with these shows is the visual over the audio. The only real noise is the sound of the firework while it's on the ground, without the bangs of the shells described in the LOUD NOISE section. The effects we use in these displays are quite stunning. Some venues insist on LOW-NOISE displays all year round (5 Nov and 31 Dec excluded) whilst some have seasonal restrictions. Please check with the venue when discussing your wedding day.

Packages and prices for Low noise displays are +£100 additional to the packages in our traditional displays section 

Pyromusical Displays

As mentioned in the introduction page, we can also choreograph your display to a music track of your choice. The £1395 price applies to any single track display up to a time duration of five minutes. Longer than five minutes or a multi-track audio line comes at greater cost which can be discussed with us. A music line lends itself perfectly to a LOW-NOISE show - your wish is our command! If you can dream it, we can design it!

Please follow the link below to our dedicated Pyromusical displays page which details all the options for your display.





A musical display set over 5 positions

A musical display set over 5 back and 3 front positions

A disney themed musical display!

A 5 position low noise display

a 7 position low noise display

a musical low noise display

Please see our Your tube channel for further videos of our displays! 

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