Bonfire displays

Bonfire Displays - Remember Remember The 5th November!

Celebrating Guy Fawkes night with one of Chase Lane Fireworks Bonfire displays is guaranteed to be a huge crowd pleaser . We work with councils, round tables schools and clubs to deliver small, to large scale displays UK wide from late October to early November.

Our traditional Bonfire displays will generally last 10-20 minutes, this consists of roman candles, barrages and high caliber shells, Chase Lane Fireworks will always listen to your exact needs before planning a traditional display, for example it may be a predominantly kids event, in this case a low noise display may suit you better.

All our bonfire displays are digitally fired to ensure perfect timing and a continuous show. Chase Lane Fireworks do not manually light fireworks. You will get a far better display with no gaps if you use a company with electronic ignition.

Any display falling on the actual 5th November is subject to a minimum spend of £3000 plus vat

We fire many school firework displays in the county, for up to 600 spectators expect to pay in the region of £1500 plus vat for a dazzling display lasting up to 10 minutes with a huge finale!

Our larger public bonfire displays for 1000+ spectators start from £2000 + VAT.

We are also able to offer large pyromusicals ( fireworks set to music ) in the November season, please get in touch to talk to us about this.

To discuss your exact requirements, and to ensure your date is still available to book, please get in contact with us. We do our best to ensure we provide cost effective displays with the very best quality fireworks, please see some of the pictures in the right hand column of previous displays.