Gender Reveal fireworks

Gender reveal fireworks are becoming popular for Gender Reveals. This is a new type of event taking over from the ever-popular baby shower. This has been made possible thanks to modern technology such as DNA testing. It's now possible for couples to find out their baby's gender as early as 9-10 weeks into the pregnancy.
A gender reveal party is a gathering of friends and family with the purpose of revealing the sex of a baby together. The Celebration is similar to a baby shower. However, unlike most baby showers, it includes the guys and kids! It ends in a climactic reveal of the baby's gender! This is where we come in with a fantastic firework display with the finale made up of either pink or blue depending on the gender of the baby, its a fantastic way to reveal in style!
Finding out the gender of your baby during your pregnancy will be one of those memorable moments of your life! All of us at Chase Lane Fireworks would be pleased to help you celebrate that special moment. What better way to mark that joyous occasion than with a Gender Reveal Displays with our pink or blue fireworks, we have used some of the best suppliers in the industry to ensure we get the most bright pinks and blues to ensure everyone knows the gender.

What should I budget for Gender reveal Fireworks?

Gender reveal fireworks generally should last somewhere between 2-10 minutes, we can supply a beautiful display lasting our recommended time for a reveal of around 4 minutes for £750.00, this will include a big finale subject to venue made up of the baby's gender-specific colours.
Of course the sky is the limit, we can go as big as you wish to go!
We have a range of optional extras to include:

  • Lancework- fire writing with your message
  • Push button start- a loved one could start the display
  • Huge shells with a massive burst- venue dependant but
  • available in the gender-specific colour
  • Colour-specific to your needs