Wedding Firework display booking steps

So, you have had a look through our website and decided to book us to provide you're wedding firework display. Below we have created a step by step guide to ensure booking is as easy as possible. Of course should you have any further questions, please contact us to discuss further. 

Step 1.

We have designed a number of fantastic packages for wedding fireworks with weddings specifically in mind. Most importantly, every single one is bespoke to your day. Head over to our packages for more information. Wedding fireworks start from £625 inclusive of VAT to tens of thousands! The budget you choose will reflect the impact of your display. However, no matter the budget we will always put 110% into creating the best display possible.

Head on over to view our packages for more information and feel free to contact us via email. For further advice, or if you’re looking to include something a little different just give us a call on 01452 341575. We would be happy to discuss any ideas you have.

Step 2.

The design of your display starts with a meeting between one of our wedding firework designers and you. Consequently, extracting as much information from you about your day with an emphasis on timings, budget and any particular colour scheme. If you’re unsure whether your wedding venue allows fireworks, we’re more than happy to contact them and discuss the options on your behalf. Of course, we would require your wedding organisers name and the venue details.

From here, our display designer will start to construct your display. Albeit, selecting only the highest quality products from a variety of manufactures to ensure the fireworks they use are the best available.

If you’re a family member or friend, thinking about surprising the bride and groom with wedding fireworks, then fear not, we can work around this! We would just need the names of the bride and groom, venue, the budget and the date of the wedding. Soon after, a display designer will get in contact with the venue to make arrangements for a meeting to assess the venue and display possibilities.

Equally, the Bride and Groom may wish to keep the display a secret from the guests. In this case, your designated team will try to be as discreet as possible. Ultimately, avoiding detection that wedding fireworks will be taking place later in the evening.

step 3.

A booking form along with any T&C are sent over to you via email. Please fill this in ad return it ASAP. As soon as we receive your booking form, one of our display designers will contact your chosen venue. This is to make sure that the venue allows fireworks on the premises and granted this, we’ll carry out an initial risk assessment.

Here at Chase Lane fireworks we also require a 10% deposit (payable by Bacs or card over the phone). Provided you have paid; you will then receive a confirmation of the booking. Above all, securing a spectacular show at your wedding and a receipt for your deposit. Furthermore, the remaining balance is payable no later than 14 days before the display. Now that you’ve secured a date for the display, one of our display designers will make all other arrangements with the venue.

Step 4.

Enjoy your special day whilst our team prepares! At an agreed time, your wedding planner or venue liaison will gather you and your guests to watch the magic unfold. Above all, we will wow you with your own breathtakingly, beautiful firework display.

Step 5.

Finally, a member of our Chase Lane fireworks team will contact you no later than 7 days after your display. In essence, this is to ensure you’re fully satisfied with the end result. We always appreciate your comments and would love to receive your feedback!

Included with Every display

LIAISON WITH AUTHORITIES - Firstly we will contact all the relevant parties to ensure full permission granted for your display. For example this could include, police, fire, coast guard and the CAA if your event is in the vicinity of an airport.

SITE SURVEY - Next we use the very best satellite imagery to view the site and liaise with the venue. Likewise to establish a safe and suitable firing site. An in person site visit, performed by the team for new venues and for updates.

SHOW PLANNING - Another step we take would be the Design and planning of your show to your specification. For example time, colour and duration. Scripting to music, special effects or intelligent lighting. Furthermore a minimum of two fully trained illuminate consult, professional firers to set up and fire your display.

FULL INSURANCE - Important to note we carry full public and employers liability insurance of £5 million. (Although we do have a 100% safety record) and we can up our indemnity if needed for larger scale events.

RISK ASSESSMENT - After a site survey each display is risk assessed to ensure we comply with the latest HSE and Government guidelines, ensuring any concerns are identified before the display. Most importantly on the night of the display with a dynamic risk assessment preformed twice.

SITE CLEARANCE - Finally, it’s company policy to ensure we remove as much debris from the firing site. Therefore it’s one of the reasons some venues will only allow us to provide their fireworks. Of course it’s not possible to remove everything and anything that is left behind is fully bio-degradable. In fact, we have invested in multiple high powered outdoor vacuums to ensure we can remove even the smallest of debris.