Professional Displays


Displays by Chase Lane Fireworks - There’s an endless list of events which fireworks can be added to make the event that bit more special and memorable. The most popular are Birthdays, weddings (please see our dedicated wedding section), corporate events, product launches, charity events and of course the most popular being Bonfire night and New Year’s Eve.

This doesn’t stop there; we have requests for funerals and even divorces!

Whatever your event you can be sure to count on Chase lane fireworks to provide you with the best displays for your budget.

All chase lane fireworks crew are highly trained in what they do and are registered with the Illuminate consult, Persons with specialist knowledge in professional fireworks.

We provide firework displays throughout Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Oxfordshire, wales and if necessary we are willing to travel further afield. All of our display crew have a love of fireworks; this will show through your display as perfection is met with creative flare.

Proceeding with professional displays


I would like to proceed with a display, what are the next steps?

Step 1.
Please see our range of display packages- Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Low noise, Bespoke. There’s a lot to choose from!

Each package is designed with the particular event in mind and your budget, but the sky really is the limit. We can produce professional displays staring from £650 to tens of thousands! Of course there may be something a little different you need, for example, for a product launch you may want us to make a huge lance work which spells out or makes the shape of a product or shop name e.c.t.

If you know what you want then just head over to the contact us page and drop us an email or if you need further help or are looking to include something a little different just give us a call on 01452 857888 one of our team will be more than happy to Hear your out and advise.

Step 2.
The design of your display starts with a chat between one of our display creators and you, we will have a chat with you to discuss duration and colour, if you are unsure whether your venue allows fireworks, we will be more than happy to contact them and discuss the options on your behalf to save you the hassle, we simply need there contact info and your organisers name.

Following on from this we will start to design your display, selecting only the highest quality products from a variety of manufactures to ensure that the fireworks we use are the best available.

Step 3.
We will send you a booking form along with any T&C, this need’s to be filled in and returned as soon as possible in order to secure your date.  Once we receive your booking form we will make all the relevant arrangements with the venue.

To secure your booking we will require a 10 % deposit. You can send this as a cheque with
your booking form; pay by bank transfer or by card over the phone. You will receive a confirmation of all your display details and receipt for your deposit. The final balance will be payable no later than 2 week before the display. However if you would like to spread the balance over a period of time we are willing to come to an arrangement with you.

Step 4.
Enjoy your event whilst our team prepares. At the agreed time we will give the signal to gather you and your guests to watch the magic unfold and we will wow you with a
breath taking display.

Step 5.
We will contact you no later than 7 days after your display to ensure you’re fully satisfied with the end result; we always appreciate your comments and would love to receive your feedback!

Included with every Display big or small!

We carry full public liability insurance of £5 million, extra cover can be added if needed. (We have a 100% safety record so this has never been used)

Each display is risk assessed in line with the latest HSE and Government guidelines to ensure any concerns are addressed; this is done 3 times, once on initial inspection and twice on the night.

Design and planning of your show to your specification of time, colour and duration. A minimum of two full Illuminate consult trained, professional firers to set up and fire your display.

We will contact the relevant parties to ensure full permission is granted for your display.

We use the best satellite imagery to view the site and liaise with the venue to establish a safe and suitable firing site. An in person site visit will always be performed for new or old venues; this takes place in the early stages of your booking.

It’s company policy to ensure we remove as much debris and rubbish from the firing site as possible. It’s one of the reasons a number of venues will only allow us to provide their fireworks due to careless firework companies in the past. Of course it’s not possible to remove everything and anything that is left behind is fully bio-degradable usually in the form of pea size cardboard.

How long should my display last?

This really does boil down to what your event is. For example we would recommend a corporate display lasting a good 6-10 minutes however this would likely be too short for a Bonfire night event, in this case we would recommend anything from 12-30 minutes. I would advise contacting us so we can discuss your day’s integrity, this way we can come up with the perfect timing.

Do I or the venue need insurance for a display?
No, Chase lane fireworks provide all the necessary insurance. We are covered for £5 Million public liability insurance, which covers you for any firework related incidents.
However this can be extended to £10 million if necessary.

Does the venue need to be a certain size?
Yes, in this case size does matters! The location of the display will have to be assessed by ourselves before any further arrangements are made or dates secured. We carry a wide range of different fireworks so depending on the venue size, we will advise what we believe to be most suited to the venue. All displays are subject to a Risk Assessment right up to the time we fire, safety is very important to us, although we have never had to cancel a display, if it came to the decision it was unsafe to fire then it would be called off, this is a very rare occasion!

What’s the latest time I can have a display?
Throughout the year Displays booked on any date other than November 5th, Diwali, New Year’s Eve and Chinese New Year the display must finish by 11pm due to strict legislation. It is an offence to use fireworks between 11 pm and 7 am. Apart from- November 5th - until 12 midnight New Year’s Eve - until 1 am Chinese New Year - until 1 am Diwali Night - until 1 am.

What if the weathers bad?
We get wet and you still get to enjoy the display! Our Trained firers will waterproof fireworks when setting up, so the likelihood of rain will not compromise your display. Strong winds towards the spectators can however cause a cancellation, again we will always plan for the worst so firing sites can be juggled about to allow for a change of weather.

What can I expect from a chase lane fireworks display?
We seek to mind blow our audiences. We always do our upmost to create something that will linger on in people’s minds long after the sky has gone dark. At chase lane fireworks, there is no messing about, we aim to be the best at what we do, therefore once your display is booked there is no more worrying on your shoulders, allow us to take the stress off the event and be prepared to me Amazed!

How much does a display cost?
Firework displays can vary in price massively. We try our best to price the set packages so we can vary them for your venue and for the style of your display.

The display cost includes:
• Site Visit / Evaluation before display
• Full Public Liability Insurance between 5-10 million
• Pre and during Display Risk Assessment
• Full Venue Liaison
• All Fireworks and relevant materials
• Detailed Site Clean-up ensuring the site is free of debris and firework materials
• Follow up Client Satisfaction.

* Please note we only travel a maximum of 40 miles from GL51 6SX, further travel will incur a cost of £0.50 per mile each way over the 40 mile limit E.G. GL51 6SX to DT5 = 137 miles - 40 (free miles)X2 = 97 miles X2 (each way) =194 additional miles X £0.50 per mile = £97.00 fuel surcharge