The Beast From The East


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Brand: Celtic Fireworks

A firework that certainly lives up to it’s name. This 292 shot compound from Celtic Fireworks is a mixture of three 64 shot fireworks and a 100 shot firework all pre-fused to make this amazing new compound.Cake 1 contains 64 shots of crackling mines to purple and green stars with crackling. Cake 2 another 64 shots of red strobe with red strobe mine, green strobe with green strobe mine, gold strobe with gold strobe mine and white strobe with white strobe mine. Cake 3 fills the sky with whistling serpents that burst to silver strobe crackling stars and just when you think it’s all over. The finale cake fires 64 monstrous bursts of gold brocade mines to bold brocades with red glitter.

This brutal compound cake lasts a whopping 2 minutes of 1 light with a monumental finale and over 3.4kg of explosive powder!

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